Coronavirus Diaries: Day 2

So after the nipple dinner conversation we decided that some structure might be nice. Everyone needed to show up to the dinner table with some interesting topic that they learned about during the day.

Polly started with the history of the Vikings pointing out that Scandanavia didn’t include Finland but did include Denmark. That was actually a surprise to all of us.

But then Griffin proceeds to highlight that there is actually an alternative version of Cats. There’s the butt hole version and the no butt hole version. Apparently, the first version of Cats, the CGI animators went to great lengths to design sphincters into each cat so that they would be more realistic. But upon seeing the fruits of their labor, they realized the cats were a little too realistic. And that nobody really wanted to see Taylor Swift with a CGI sphincter. So they had to go back to the drawing board and remove them all. Millions of dollars apparently. We were a little silent after Griffin.

And then Cooper gets up with this buffet of items:

A lot of things I didn’t know

I am not so sure this format is sustainable.

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