Summer 2011 – Trip to WI

Day 1

About 75 minutes into the trip it does flit across my mind that I could still drive to the Hartford airport.  The same thought emerges with a little more pressure as we come close to the Albany airport.

“Daddy, I went POOP!!”

Christian is triumphantly pointing a brown finger at me.

The fact that I am looking at him in the rear view mirror and we are in the car has me less excited.  We can talk about the finger later.

“I want the GREEN one!”


“What is the *^%\}*\}\ problem back there??”

“Christian wants the headphones with the green tape”. Silence.  “Here, give him this.”. I hand back the top of the water bottle that happens to be green. For some insane reason, he is now completely content.

We just passed a sign that says “$1500 fine for hitting a road worker.”  Not totally sure how to think about that.

Niagara Falls was a totally “Vacation” moment.  “Look kids.  Niagara Falls.”.   Silence.  “OK.  Let’s go.”

We are now in Flint, MI.  There is nothing in Flint, MI.

Hope you guys are well.

Lewis and Clark

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