Christmas – 2006

A day in the life….2006

So, as I sit here, Griffin is standing 6 inches from the stereo speakers dancing to the Jackson 5.  He has kind of this bouncing move with his knees and at the same time likes to hold his hands behind his back creating a surprisingly good funky chicken.  I hope he doesn’t read this some year down the road but the image I can’t get out of my mind is the little gopher from Caddyshack.  The fact that he can’t stop grinning just seals the deal.

As I swing my eye left, Cooper is leaping off the couch to then somersault across the floor, spring up, scare his mother to death, and attack Darth Vader (kitchen chair).  Darth Vader seems relatively unimpressed.

Daisy (puppy) has recently taken up shop as Luke Skywalker’s sidekick.  She tears after Cooper, flying up and over the back of the couch, only to land on the slippery wood floor, bumping into our young Luke Skywalker, who flails his lightsaber taking out a box of Cheerios – which, in seeming slow motion, disperses to every part of the kitchen floor.  Both Luke Skywalker and sidekick think this is fantastic.

Ben is sitting at the kitchen island figuring out how to create Slime from a kit he got for his birthday from his Aunt.

I am now watching some of the newly birthed slime slide off the counter onto the dog.

I am now looking at websites for drums to send to my sister’s kids.

Ben has just figured out that if he balls up the slime and presses it to the floor, it is actually pretty good at picking up the Cheerios.  Griffin has vacated his dance studio to wander over and examine the potential of eating the Cheerio slime and as I am telling him not to do that, his brothers are telling him it is definitely worth a try.

Polly is now on her 26th attempt to try to get a calendar to print out correctly from the computer so that she can manage parent helpers at school and I am imagining that the first 25 rejects are feeling quite miffed by the whole process.

As for me, I am still sore from last nights’ “family” karate where Ben and Cooper laughed hysterically as I attempted to somersault the length of the gym.  Imagine, if you will, a somersaulting cucumber.  One that is now sore and begging his wife to take his place next week.

Thus a little glimpse into the crazy life.  We truly wish you as many giggles as we are blessed to enjoy (if not more), and hope this note finds you happy, healthy and full of good cheer.  And most of all, we hope we get to see you soon.

All the best,
Christian, Polly, Ben, Cooper, Griffin and Daisy

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